My favorite old photo shows me standing alone dressed in a wool beret and pea coat holding an unknown found object in one hand. A notation on the back indicates that I'm all of three years old. I love the fact that my early attraction to objects was captured in this image at such a young age. It speaks to me of how we become what we are, at the very beginning of our lives. My personal attractions have opened doors to varied creative realms including sculpture, photography, illustration design and film. The imagery that you see here represents the years 1988-2008 when I was passionate about creating this series of collages and boxes exclusively. My affinity with Surrealism began when I was in High School and takes me on journey's today that produce images that continue to amaze even me. Salvador Dali was a very early touchstone in my artistic development and Joseph Cornell was an important recent one. I've also had a long standing love affair with poster design and the works of Cassandre. Photography has always been an abiding influence throughout my artistic career and the mannequins that are used in my imagery are all personal photographs taken in a very strange California mannequin rehabilitation facility.


Another of my passions while I was producing collages was making three-dimensional box constructions, which were conceived sporadically over the years. They are very challenging and immensely satisfying to create. I’ve included them here for your viewing pleasure, however unlike my collages they are not for sale.